Information about this gymkhana

This gymkhana is finished.

  • Place: Córdoba city.
  • Start: 29/6/17-20: 00, End: 07/07/17-22: 00
  • Target: Finish the route through the Roman Córdoba in the shortest time and less errors.
  • To keep in mind: This gymkhana is a first general trial for those who are encouraged to try the system, but the rewards are real. If something fails, be kind, please.



The 3 players with the highest score choose, in order, among the first 3 prizes.

The awarding of prizes, except major cause, will be carried out in a public space by the Council of Córdoba, which will be communicated to the winners.

How to play the Gymkhana?

You can enter the gymkhana at any time since its opening. Use the settings menu of the VirTimePlace app, to start your participation, choosing a traveler name for that (connection required at this moment).
During the game, you can leave the game, the app and even turn off your device, but your time will continue to count until you decide to finish, or the gymkhana ends.
Each time you leave the match you can choose PAUSE or FINISH. PAUSE allows you to continue later and FINISH ends your game, with the points obtained, even if you have not completed all the sections (conection required to send results and end time).
Remember that only in the case of a points tie, the fastest player will win. So it's possible to start the last day and be the first, and even win without finishing the whole route.
Your device has a unique ID, and your Traveler Name will also be unique. That's the way to identify you, without personal data, until the moment you get the prize. Just one winer per device is admitted.
However, remember that when registering you authorize us to know your position and score. That's the only way to follow your activity.
When you enter the gymkhana, a map is shown with your position and the target (a cube that rotates in 3D space).
You must to walk to the cube position. When you are close to it, you will be abled to use the manual control for getting closer and press it, and the questionnaire will open.
Look for help, if you need it, and answer the questions. There is no time limit.
Each passed test accumulates 5 points and shows the next target.
Each successful answer adds up to 1 point (there are tests with more than 1 question).
Each wrong answer subtracts 1 point and you must to wait 3 minutes (just for this 1st call) before you can try again. In next calls this delay time will be greater.
Be careful because with each failure, the waiting time increases.



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