What is VirTimePlace?

VirTimeplace is a free app for Smartphones and tablets which brings you inside a 3D virtual world of historical places (complete cities or buildings) at their best time.

Technically, we use compass, accelerometer and/or gyroscope to turn your device into a Virtual Reality Player with no video or static images, just real time 3D like a window to the past. Yes, like a video game, ..., in fact ...

VirTimePlace is a 3D serious game designed for empowering the spatial orientation and the knowledge about history.

How to use?

Wherever you are.

Download the app at store (Android or iOS).

Get it on Google PlayDownload on the App Store

Select/download your destination and start your virtual tryp. Just point your screen and/or use navigation controls to move across the virtual world.

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At destination.

That's the big thing. If you're in the real place, use GPS mode to compare yesterday and today, to find out the changes. Check it out, it's an amazing experience, which has not been possible until now.

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